The Twist Partnership invited everyone to the private view of

Art as Enterprise

tadalafil generic viagra Back on Thursday 14th July 2016 and was hosted at the Phoenix Community Housing, The Green Man, 355 Bromley Rd, London SE6 2RP

This exhibition, hosted by the Phoenix Housing Association, worked to show the work of seven artists who have been working with the Twist Partnership to find their way out of long term unemployment. Some have chronic illnesses or disabilities. All of them are exploring enterprising ways of using their talents to regain their independence, including by commissions for portraits of people and pets, book illustrations and designs for anything from graffiti walls to tattoos.

The stands for the exhibition were designed and constructed by other Twist unemployed clients in partnership with the Remakery, a community co-operative that recycles material otherwise destined for landfill.

We wish to thank all those who attended to private viewing, you know who you are.

viagra online fedex About some of our artists


My name is Jodie.
I’m a Wildlife and Fantasy Artist from Chelmsford.
I have always had an interest in Realism – I enjoy the way it looks and how much detail there is in each piece.
Realism can make you feel that you are looking at a photograph instead of a drawing.
I love using my creativity by designing fantasy creatures, like Wolf Hybrids or other animals in Greek Mythology.
I like to put my own twist in my style – I use a mixture of cartoon and realistic in my fantasy artwork.
I enjoy using pure realism in my wildlife artwork.
I love to capture the reflections in the fur and eyes and blending colours together.
Jodie Harvey (JodieRealDraw)


My name is Jacqueline Fernie.
I am a self taught artist with a passion for the sea.
My uncle, a trawler-man, would tell us stories of his stormy travels and growing up on the east coast of Scotland,
I often witnessed first hand, some of the most spectacular storms imaginable.
It is the memory of these storms that has be a huge inspiration to me since I started to paint in 2005.
My paintings are abstract or semi abstract and depict either complete turmoil or perfect calm.
I work in acrylic, which suits my impatient nature but, I also like to sketch in charcoal.
Painting gives me a sense of well being and clarity that nothing else can.
It can transport me straight back to cherished memories of my childhood...
collecting shell fish on the beach every Sunday for tea with my brother and my father... priceless!