Rebuilding Lives


We take on a broad range of projects that inspire behaviour change, from working with young people under threat of exclusion from school to working with migrant communities. We are particularly interested in helping marginalised people feel valued and feel motivated to become a part of the broader community. Many projects inspire the entrepreneurial spirit, whether that means starting up a business or community enterprise or getting a placement in a City law firm.


behaviour change


We help people who are on the verge of taking decisions that have grave consequences for them, both in the present and in the future. We’ve worked with teenagers at risk of exclusion and people whose brushes with the law are threatening to derail their lives. We intervene and forge positive relationships that help build trust – and a belief in a better future.



These buzzwords get a lot of press, but perhaps less understanding. We work with marginalised people and communities, to help everyone recognise their value – and the value of working with the broader culture of this country. From enterprise and business relationships to religious and cultural understanding and tolerance, our projects make a direct impact.



Many people give up after serving a sentence, as they struggle to re-integrate with family, community and especially with employers. We help break the cycle of recidivism, building up confidence and motivation that can help them build a more positive future. We also help offenders develop specific skills for the workplace.

Case Studies

Take a look at our projects and success stories.

Changing lives. It sounds pretentious, but it genuinely happens. Our clients are often discouraged and feel marginalised. We encourage them to feel respected and to raise their aspirations. We focus on their existing talents and help them add skills to improve their work prospects. More >

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