Young People


Our young people have so much potential, but many feel marginalised or are failing to live up to their potential. Our inspiring programmes help young people see themselves differently and realise what they are capable of, whether they’re in a Gifted & Talented programme or they’re at risk of exclusion, from school or from their homes or communities. We open doors, both literally and figuratively, leading young people to take charge of their lives – and their future.


twist helps young people in schools


Whether it’s Gifted & Talented students from disadvantaged communities who need to be stretched, pupils who need tutoring to improve their results and prospects, or young people at risk of being excluded who need support, direction and a more positive vision for their future, Twist develops and delivers life-changing programmes.



We create training programmes and courses to inspire young people to maximise their leadership and entrepreneurial skills and to reach out to the broader community, as in this visit to a care home. We also help young people who face particular challenges in school, at home or in the community to envisage an alternative and more positive future.



Young people in Gifted & Talented programmes must be supported and stretched – otherwise it’s far too easy to coast. Instead of just drilling these pupils for exam results, we help schools keep them motivated with new challenges and inspiring experiences that broaden their horizons and encourage fresh thinking about what the future might hold.

Case Studies

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We help transform lives, giving people who are often overlooked a fresh perspective on their value, their potential and their place in society.

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