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We help people change their lives for the better, even those who have faced extremely challenging experiences. From leaders of organisations to unemployed people; from underachievers to Gifted & Talented students to non-English speaking immigrants, all our clients are empowered by the positive effects of our programmes. We don’t preach or teach. Working with community partners, corporate partners, schools and government agencies, we inspire and enable people to develop their talents and gain independence.

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Twist partners with SeetecG4s and Ingeus to deliver the Work Programme in London and the Home Counties. We also work with Reed in Partnership for the DWP programme for Families with Multiple Barriers. Because of our success with people with physical and mental challenges and ‘hard to reach’ groups, including those from migrant and refugee backgrounds, we are often chosen as specialist providers these groups.  Read More >



Every human being has the potential to change their lives for the better. We help people change their perspective, and work to promote social and cultural integration. We work with at-risk young people, culturally marginalised people as well as offenders, to help them get their lives on track and become productive members of society. Read More > 



We work with a range of young people, in schools and in the community. From helping Gifted & Talented students make the most of their potential to inspiring ‘hard-to-reach’ and at-risk pupils to turn their lives around, our projects make a real and lasting impact. We have tutored and mentored students at school to improve life chances (and exam results) as well as inspiring children to make a positive impact on their community and beyond… Read More > 



Our work with the corporate sector includes a programme for Simmons & Simmons that won Best Corporate Responsibility Initiative at The Lawyer’s HR Awards and the Attorney General’s Award for Excellence. In additional to innovative CSR projects such as a leadership course for Eli Lilly, we help businesses develop worthwhile – even transformational – development programmes tailored to each company’s criteria, . Read More > 

Programmes To Raise Aspirations And Change Perceptions…

To each of these different client groups, we respond differently and for each we create a distinctive – a tailor-made programme. But in all our activities, our principles remain the same: it is not for us to teach or to train. Our skill is in drawing out people’s own talents, persuading them to see the power of their own leadership and their capacity to change society and the part they play in it. We raise people’s expectations of what they could achieve. And then we challenge them to do it.

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Case Studies

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From improving individual lives, to inspiring our clients to help give back to their communities, read about our transformational work.  Read More > 


Twist has won recognition from many organisations.

Twist has developed award-winning programmes, including one for Simmons & Simmons that won the Attorney General’s Award for Excellence, presented in Downing Street and Best Corporate Responsibility Initiative at The Lawyer HR Awards.

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