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The Twist Partnership develops creative and transformational projects for corporations, government, NGOs and schools. We work with Seetec and PeoplePlus to deliver the Work Programme in East and South London and the Thames Valley. We also work with Reed in Partnership for the DWP programme for Families with Multiple Barriers. We we are major subcontractors for the Prospects for Youth Contract, helping offenders turn their lives around. And we work with young people, schools and teachers to help raise aspirations and life chances for youth.


shankara-twistSHANKARA ANGADI

Twist winds together all the varied strands of Shankara’s experience in development and education. Shankara has inspired people in corporations, charities and schools, and now has an impressive record of success delivering the Work Programme alongside Seetec, G4s and A4e. More recently Shankara has had notable success with people referred directly by JobcentrePlus, many of them with physical and mental challenges and from ‘hard to reach’ groups, such as those from migrant and refugee backgrounds.

While working in schools and colleges Shankara realised the need for a clearer focus on leadership and leadership development. Later, as London Regional Director for Common Purpose, Shankara noted the extraordinarily liberating effect of entrepreneurial learning as a way to develop leadership skills. He established Twist to bring his depth of training experience to a wider audience.


Marina brings Twist’s leadership development into the education sector. She has a depth of knowledge about the education system and a passion for helping teachers and students reach their potential. She relishes the opportunity to bring leadership development to an even wider range of people and enjoys the challenge of influencing the direction of educational policy at the cutting edge.

Highly-CommendedALTA SHERIDAN

Alta, shown here (seated) with her award winning “Better Way” team, joined Twist as a Work Programme client in 2013 after having insisted on joining the programme, against the advice of her employment consultant who assessed her as too ill to benefit from it. Since then she has, as she says, got her life back. She energetically drives the Better Way programme inspirng people with her leadership, demonstrating to others that you don’t have to be conventionally fully fit to be productive and useful. At the same time she manages her four children family as a single parent and battles with her Council about getting adaptations to her liftless second floor flat.Read more about Alta >


Kabir fully supports the work of the Twist team. He understands the importance of leadership in the corporate world, as well as the value of helping marginalised people build more positive approaches to life. Through’s Twist’s programmes, many people who have faced serious challenges are able to gain new perspective and confidence, as well as concrete skills that help them move forward into a more productive and positive future.

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