When you volunteer to go on a Twist course, they treat you with respect, pay your fares to and from the course you volunteer for, otherwise you stay on the Work Programme and get treated like a piece of meat where no one cares about your illness or disability. Twist bend over backwards to assign you to somewhere close to home where you want to go rather than have to go! They are helping people who want to be helped – I’m one of ’em! – Spin Darella

I would just like to say I am so happy I was put onto the Twist programme I feel better in myself and a lot happier. I have meet a lot of lovely people that are on Twist as well. We all have some sort of problem wrong with us such as being in pain or feeling depressed and not wanting to do anything the Twist programme has helped me come out of my shell and you can do the same they will help you find what path you want to take as well as help you do what you are good at. – S. McCann

My name is Nicola.. I helped to set up the Facebook page for The Twist.. I attended a course run by Twist, and have recently found employment, thanks to the confidence I gained from attending the course. – Nicola


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