work programme participants with Twist

“I like helping people and talking to nice people. It helps me to achieve skills. I like cutting and digging the weeds out to keep the garden nice and tidy. I also enjoy the tea and biscuits.” Marvin

“I enjoy working at the Peace Garden having people to talk to and socialise with. I enjoy the tasks I have to do there which are digging and weeding. It’s given me hope that in the near future I will be able to get a job as a gardener.” Colin

“When I first went there I was not too keen on the idea but Celia is a wonderful person and has been a wonderful tutor teaching me about growing produce at the Twist allotment in Hainault. She has shown me how to harvest runner beans, courgettes squash, etc. and a healthier way of living by eating more vegetables. When I feel low (suicidal) about issues which I find difficult to talk about, I find I can talk to Celia and she gives me good reasoning and make me look on the bright side of life.” Anon